Inatur Pomegranate Scrub Review

HI Guys,

Today, I am writing about Inatur’s Pomegranate Scrub.

About the brand: Founded by Pooja Nagdev, renowned cosmetologist and internationally acclaimed expert on natural ingredients, Inatur is fueled by passion and perfection. It is driven by the pursuit of creating products with natural ingredients to nourish, care and be safe on skin. Its range of products are scientifically balanced to assure quick and lasting results. Pooja believes that nature has many more treasures than what we have known. This inspires her to carry on innovating and creating newer, safer and more effective skin care products.

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This pomegranate scrub is an invigorating wash exfoliant. It deeply cleanses, hydrates and renews the skin. It removes excess oil, unclogs the pores and exfoliates dead skin.

This scrub is 100% natural and is pH balanced. It does NOT contain animal fats, paraben or sulphate.

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This scrub has 5 precious herbs

Amla Rejuvenates, nourishes skin.
Manjistha Evens skin.
Orange peel Unclogs pores.
Tamarind Exfoliates dead skin.
Pomegranate Anti-oxidant, restores balance.

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Directions for use: Apply the scrub on wet skin. Massage for 4-5 minutes in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with plain water. For best results, use thrice a week. This scrub is recommended for oily, normal and combination skin.

My take on the product: This scrub has a fruity smell. It is gentle on the skin as compared to various different scrubs I have tried in the past. It effectively reduces the oil production of the skin but enough to keep the skin moisturized and not strip it of moisture.

Thank you. See You soon in another blogpost!


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