Inatur Rose and Geranium Sugar Soap Review

The Rose And Geranium Sugar Soap by Inatur Herbals is a nourishing and hydrating soap. It has a soft floral divine note. It deeply moisturizes and cleanses the skin. It is a handmade soap and is prepared in a traditional manner. Sugar and Glycerin are added as a base that helps retain and replenish moisture in the skin. This soap has oils essential for dry and mature skin.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-27 at 11.57.14 PM.jpeg

About the brand: Founded by Pooja Nagdev, renowned cosmetologist and internationally acclaimed expert on natural ingredients, Inatur is fueled by passion and perfection. It is driven by the pursuit of creating products with natural ingredients to nourish, care and be safe on skin. Its range of products are scientifically balanced to assure quick and lasting results. Pooja believes that nature has many more treasures than what we have known. This inspires her to carry on innovating and creating newer, safer and more effective skin care products.

Key Ingredients: Coconut oil, Glycerin, Raw Sugar, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Sodium stearate, Rose absolute Oil, Geranium Oil, Honey Extract, Vitamin E Acetate.

This bar of soap of 125g is priced Rs.225


Directions For Use:  Glide the bathing bar all over your body and it melts as it rubs with the skin, to give you a refreshed feel altogether every day.

Personal Experience: This soap has the heavenly smell of roses. After I used this soap, my skin was smelling of roses. This handmade soap is strongly recommended for dry skin as it consists of essential oils used for dry skin. I personally loved this soap as I love the smell of roses and this soap worked wonders for my dry skin. I recommend this product to all the people out there having a dry skin type.

Thank you so much. See You soon in the next post!



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